For me, technology consulting comes from the carbon composite practice

If medical technology is your field, industry in general or the automotive industry, motor sports or aerospace, I will solve your challenges around the use of composites and CFRP manufacturing processes and lead projects on the road to success.

Lackierte Lehnenschale aus Carbon Composite

You want to use carbon composite components for the first time and encounter challenges in conception and design?

Carbon composites will give us more and more frequently in the future. They are the answer to the questions about heavy-duty lightweight construction.

Everybody has a learning curve in this field, which can either be mastered by trial and error or shortened.

I’ll help you take the shortcut.

The biggest challenges in the development of composite components are the right choice of material, the design with or without core material, the anisotropic properties of the material, the draping properties, the manufacturability with process stability and much more. Therefore, for optimal results, it is necessary to develop and design differently.

I coach your design team, advise on process selection and species-appropriate design, on tool design and output increase and I ensure quality improvement through process optimization in the production of composite components.

You purchase carbon composite components externally and still see potential for optimization?

We can also put it another way: You are not really satisfied with your supplier, but because of his knowledge advantage you are not able to assert yourself with your ideas. Another supplier would not be an option because you fear that things would be similar there.

In this case I will act as your local stakeholder at your supplier’s site to oversee the project and bring about improvements. For example with regard to delivery problems, increases in quantities, specification changes or quality improvements.

Alternatively, I support you in the selection of new, more reliable suppliers, supervise and audit your projects.

Hochleistungs-Bauteil aus Carbon Composite

You manufacture components made of composite fibre materials yourself and want to optimise processes, increase quality and reduce costs?

I promise you: Even if you think you’re already good, I will still identify some potential in your CFRP manufacturing.

Typical results in the optimization of CFRP manufacturing processes are the minimization of rejects and reworking. The bottom line is not only an increase in quality but also a higher cost efficiency.

How do we want to start with consulting?

My suggestion: Let’s talk about the topic that is currently moving you in terms of composites.

Send me an e-mail with a suggested date for a telephone call or call me directly: +49 7161 988-4470.